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There has been a flurry of activity in the BMW M3 and M4 aftermarket industry, and Eisenmann is excited to be a part of it. The new system for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 is expected to debut in the United States later this week!

F82 M4

(EAS) Eisenmann F10 M5 Sport performance 4x102mm Install

The guys over at EAS (Eisenmann master dealer) just finished the install on a Eisenmann Sport performance with 4x102mm Round tips for the F10 M5. The Eisenmann Sport performance offers the same DB level as stock but changes the tonality. Deep and nice sound but not intrusive in the cabin.















Eisenmann F10 M5 install by EAS

Eisenmann Race performance with 4x102mm Round tips.

Eisenmann Sport Performance F10 M5 Oval tip (DIY)

The factory exhaust system found on the F10 M5 is a very well designed piece, with one continuous length of piping from the down pipes to the exhaust tips, generous piping diameters, and a nearly straight through muffler design. Unfortunately the original exhaust system does not produce a sound quite as sporting as many fans of the M5 would like, and the original exhaust tips also leave something to be desired. Many M5 owners are interested in the extra sound and larger tips of a performance exhaust system, but do not wish to add a complete exhaust system to the car, and this DIY installation guide of an Eisenmann rear muffler addresses just that.

You’ll need to lift the rear of the car, either by putting the car on a lift or placing the car securely on jackstands.

This shot shows the section of piping where a cut will be made to allow the Eisenmann rear mufflers to be installed.

Line up the Eisenmann rear muffler directly below the original BMW system. The key is to align the Eisenmann hangers so that they are immediately below the BMW exhaust hangers.

The Eisenmann exhaust piping contains an expanded section that is designed to slip over the original BMW piping. Use a straight edge to align the beginning of the expanded section with the original piping, and place a mark on the original piping. The goal here is to ensure there is a sufficient length of original BMW piping to slip inside the Eisenmann piping. Remember to measure twice and check your measurements as this step is important!

At this point you can use some masking tape to mark a complete line.

Use a pipe cutting tool to cut the connecting pipe

The mufflers are removed by unbolting the exhaust hangers. We will have some more detailed photos of the hanger locations early next week.

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New F10 M5 Oval tip diffuser!

Eisenmann’s F10 M5 exhaust system allows M5 owners to opt for a unique exhaust tip choice- the famous Eisenmann oval tip. These hand fabricated tips were one of many tip styles to bring attention to the brand 20 years ago, and have enjoyed enormous popularity throughout the years. The E60 M5’s rear valence benefitted from the aggressive look of the wide quad oval tips and owners of the F10 M5 can now opt for the same.

The oval tip exhaust system includes four perfectly positioned 120x77mm oval tips, constructed by hand and designed to completely fill the M5’s rear valence.

IND provides a specially made rear diffuser designed to accomodate the oval tips. The diffuser is created from an original BMW diffuser for a perfect fit in the rear bumper, and specially trimmed to allow a perfect fit of the oval tips. The diffuser is reasonably priced at $400 and available in gloss black or painted to match the car’s paint color.






One-off Eisenmann Speedster exhaust

Most fans of Eisenmann exhaust systems know that Rolf Eisenmann does not build performance exhausts to make a profit for his company. As a supplier to two of Germany’s greats- Porsche and AMG, Eisenmann’s performance exhaust business is dwarfed by their OE manufacturing contracts. Therefore, Eisenmann’s performance exhaust systems are a true labor of love, a chance for Rolf Eisenmann to build parts that exude the essence of passion and fun.

Exhausts like the Porsche Speedster system seen here are what Eisenmann’s staff live for. This exhaust was built for a client who loves the performance and personality of his Speedster, but knew that the sound of the car didn’t match it’s incredible persona. Eisenmann is the original manufacturer of the Speedster exhaust, but restrictive sound regulations kept the masters of tone in Eisenmann’s engineering department from bringing the car to life. This, then, was the perfect opportunity to give the car the personality it deserves.

Eisenmann’s engineers redesigned the internals of the Speedster exhaust system to improve the tone and personality of the car, while adding in cabin valve control to allow the driver to adjust the car’s level of civility on the fly. All of us at IND eagerly await the exhaust’s arrival at our clients installation facility. It is special projects like these that make working with Eisenmann so exciting!

Eisenmann tour-








Eisenmann North America at Bimmerfest 2012

Most BMW fans know that Bimmerfest is the epicenter for some of the most amazing modified, restored, and original classic and current BMW cars. For IND this event has been a great way to connect with our clients, meet them face to face, and reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going.This year IND showed the BimmerFest crowd the heritage and future of Eisenmann exhaust systems. As the North American distributor for Eisenmann exhaust systems, IND’s display focused on showing Eisenmann exhausts old and new, including the amazing new F10 M5 exhaust.Thanks to those who stopped by our booth, and I hope that everyone who missed the show enjoys the photos




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