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Eisenmann Sport Performance F10 M5 Oval tip (DIY)

The factory exhaust system found on the F10 M5 is a very well designed piece, with one continuous length of piping from the down pipes to the exhaust tips, generous piping diameters, and a nearly straight through muffler design. Unfortunately the original exhaust system does not produce a sound quite as sporting as many fans of the M5 would like, and the original exhaust tips also leave something to be desired. Many M5 owners are interested in the extra sound and larger tips of a performance exhaust system, but do not wish to add a complete exhaust system to the car, and this DIY installation guide of an Eisenmann rear muffler addresses just that.

You’ll need to lift the rear of the car, either by putting the car on a lift or placing the car securely on jackstands.

This shot shows the section of piping where a cut will be made to allow the Eisenmann rear mufflers to be installed.

Line up the Eisenmann rear muffler directly below the original BMW system. The key is to align the Eisenmann hangers so that they are immediately below the BMW exhaust hangers.

The Eisenmann exhaust piping contains an expanded section that is designed to slip over the original BMW piping. Use a straight edge to align the beginning of the expanded section with the original piping, and place a mark on the original piping. The goal here is to ensure there is a sufficient length of original BMW piping to slip inside the Eisenmann piping. Remember to measure twice and check your measurements as this step is important!

At this point you can use some masking tape to mark a complete line.

Use a pipe cutting tool to cut the connecting pipe

The mufflers are removed by unbolting the exhaust hangers. We will have some more detailed photos of the hanger locations early next week.


IND Dealer Showcase- Ai Design


Everyone has New Year’s resolutions and IND is no different. Although IND consists of many people, we all work toward a common goal, so when it comes to New Year’s resolutions we think as one. In 2012, one of IND’s New Year’s resolutions was to surround ourselves with only the best people. If all of us at IND are like-minded people, then all of our dealers should be like-minded people too. This is why we decided to re-evaluate our dealer list in 2012, and celebrate the opportunities we have in working with the best dealers of Eisenmann exhaust systems in the United States and Canada.

Each month, we will feature one of our partner shops on the Eisenmann blog, and this month I am proud to announce that we kick off this tradition with a shop that has never failed to impress us- Ai Design.

Ai Design is a company of craftsmen focused on producing highly personalized vehicles and their attention to detail and precision has kept Ai unique for many years. Ai’s meticulous shop, their high end clientele, and their impressive work ethic make them a great partner for IND!


Eisenmann E82 1M Testing

As Eisenmann GmbH approaches the end of the research and development stage of any exhaust system, final tests are conducted to ensure perfect fitment and function of the new design.

 Eisenmann technicians dyno test the prototype exhaust system to ensure that the flow improvement predicted in their CAD modeling shows itself in the real world, and use acoustic testing and waveform analysis to check the sound output of the exhaust system.

Eisenmann’s testing and development equipment allows the engineers to simulate exhaust pulses through test mufflers before a real car is ever run on their dyno, but nothing is as accurate as real world testing. For this, Eisenmann’s microphones allow them to do acoustic sampling and advanced wave form analysis to not only detect but also tune out unwanted sound frequencies.

 Finally, Eisenmann uses a Zeiss FaroArm to rescan the finished exhaust system, in order to verify that the production system is millimeter to millimeter the same size as the exhaust system originally designed by Eisenmann’s engineering team. This allows Eisenmann to verify their fabrication jigs and create an exhaust that is a perfect fit, every time.

Please follow the below links for tours of Eisenmann’s manufacturing facilities and more information on Eisenmann’s development process, and enjoy the photos!


Eisenmann Originals: The 1M.

BMW’s 1M is a car many people thought would never come. The 1M was a car meant to recapture a spirit lost in the glorious era of 1980’s homologation, and although it is not a true race-bred homologation special it is by 21st century standards a no-nonsense driver’s car. BMW enthusiasts have been asking for a simpler and most importantly slimmer sports car throughout the 2000s as the M3 and M5 have gained weight and sophistication and BMW has finally answered their call with the amazing 1M.

The car is interactive, simple, relatively low in weight, and incredibly fun to drive so it should come as no surprise that BMW chose to couple the 1M with the forever iconic E30 M3 in their marketing campaign for their new sports coupe.

Eisenmann GmbH answers the call of BMW enthusiasts by adding their one of a kind roar to the 1M’s already engaging personality. Eisenmann’s engineers are currently in the process of developing a complete downpipe-back exhaust system for the 1M in both a Race and Sport variation that will give the 1M the sound it deserves. Each Eisenmann system will feature four aggressive 90mm tips, a choice of a silenced or straight through intermediate pipes, and Eisenmann’s unique hand built construction.

Please contact an Eisenmann dealer for more information.

“Don’t give up, Tohoku”

Eisenmann NA was honored to be part of this project!

News of Japan’s disaster reached nearly every human in a first world country within a day. The footage was horrifying to watch and the toll on human life and property was terrible, but even as Japan went through it’s dark moments that week there was positive mixed with the negative, hope mixed with the despair of a country living through a disaster of epic proportions. Days and weeks after the Tsunami, two facts became very clear about the people of Japan- they would not give up easily, and they would do anything possible to restore the country as quickly as possible and return to normal life.

Speaking to my friends in Japan about those events, I heard one common theme: “let’s not dwell on the bad, but plan for the good. Let’s move forward, rebuild, and enjoy life”. The tuning companies of Japan seemed to express the same feelings and continue to push forward every day. 3D Deisgn’s newest E89 Z4 is a reflection of this positive philosophy. Plans to create the car were made shortly after the Japanese Tsunami with the intention of making a statement. That statement is simply scribed over the car’s driver’s side window: “Don’t give up, Tohoku”.

3D Design partnered with key players in the US and Germany to create their new car, with each company contributing to the car’s unique style. WSTO and IND worked together to design the car’s overall theme and carefully measure the car’s aggressive wheel fitment. BBS brought their amazing Motorsport wheels to the table directly from BMW’s M3 GT4 program in an 18×9.5 +25 size in the front and 18×10 +30 size in the rear. Yokohama supplied the 235/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear S Drive tires. KW helped with their Variant 3 suspension for a comfortable ride on the street and great handling when the roads begin to wind, while Dinan helped provide a camber plate that gave us that extra secret ingredient to make the BBS wheels fit perfectly. Eisenmann’s technicians hand-built the car’s exhaust system for a sound that matches it’s aggressive exterior, and of course 3D Design’s own aerodynamics package in full carbon fiber works perfectly with the car’s already perfect lines. The car will soon receive a brake upgrade from Brembo, a gauge package from Stack, and an upgraded turbo kit from ESS Tuning.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more updates!


Eisenmann attacks the Nurburgring!

Rolf Eisenmann has been a motorsport enthusiast long before he established Eisenmann GmbH, but his company’s 20 year success as one of the leading exhaust system suppliers in Germany to people like Porsche AG and Mercedes AMG GmbH has allowed him some unique privileges, and one of those privileges has been to be involved with professional racing. 

Eisenmann GmbH has been involved in extensive development of the exhaust system for Team SportAuto’s Audi R8. A collaborative effort between Bilstein, BBS, Dunlop Tire, and Eisenmann GmbH, this car has been competing in 24 endurance races on the Nurburgring in the SP7 class since 2008.

Enjoy the photos!


Eisenmann is now on Flickr!

Eisenmann History


Tradition with a future: Eisenmann launches a retrofit range of classic sports exhaust systems for the Porsche 911 G and F models, the Porsche 356 and the Mercedes Benz SL (W231-Pagode).


Eisenmann Originals: The E60 M5

Eisenmann Exhaust systems, GmbH has been a trend setter in the performance BMW exhaust business since the company’s founding in 1988.

It is no surprise, then, that their interpretation of the perfect exhaust for the classic E60 M5 was an instant classic itself. Hundreds of E60 M5 enthusiasts equipped their incredible super sedans with Eisenmann’s exhaust.

The S85 powerplant of the E60 M5 was a true homage to motorsports, receiving an infusion of BMW’s current Formula 1 technology. The engine soared to it’s 8,300 RPM redline with an urgency rarely seen in road going autos, and it’s 12.0:1 compression ratio should have resulted in a sound usually reserved for supercars. Unfortunately, the standard BMW equipped exhaust system was found to be incredibly lackluster and failed to excite BMW fans.

Eisenmann tapped their years of experience as a supplier to Porsche and Mercedes AMG and worked for months to create an exhaust system that would give the E60 M5 the tone it deserved. Eisenmann’s fabricators sculpt each E60 M5 exhaust system by hand from 304 stainless steel and stamp their name on the exhaust’s plaque as a point of pride.


Eisenmann R8 exhaust for the V8 & V10

Eisenmann’s R8 exhaust system has so far been largely inaccessible to the US market- the well connected few have pre-ordered the exhaust and are eagerly waiting for the moment when they’ll be able to give their Audi supercar the sound it deserves, but most R8 owners hardly know Eisenmann’s exhaust system exists! Eisenmann is a manufacturer that has no shortage of experience with high end cars, being responsible for the sound of AMG cars, as well as the muscular tone that is the Mercedes McLaren supercar.

Please keep in mind that the center exit exhaust tip is a one-off tip design made exclusively for the owner of Eisenmann, and that the production model will come with the option to use either the R8′s factory tips, or 2x135x75mm oval tips.


Eisenmann Germany has offically relased the E9x M3 Inconel systems to the public

Every once in a while, Eisenmann will suprise us on our annual visits with something truly out of the ordinary. Eisenmann’s inconel system was just that kind of shock! By conquering the challenges of fabricating and welding this Inconel exhaust system for the E9x M3, Eisenmann has once again proved to me that they are among the top tier engineering and manufacturing firms in the exhaust business today. Of course, the weight of the system is pretty impressive.

-Made out of Inconel (625)
-4x76mm Inconel tips
-Comes with connecting pipes
-40% lighter than the production stainless system


Eisenmann Race Performance BMW E92 M3 Dyno Day

A couple of us from IND had a chance to go to Fall Line Motorsports to dyno our Eisenmann Race exhaust system, and I was so excited about the results, I wanted to share them with the BMWBLOG readers as soon as possible! With Fall Line’s busy schedule, and our constant Eisenmann shipments arriving and leaving, it’s quite difficult to make time to dyno a system, but the sound of the Eisenmann revving all the way to 8,000rpm was well worth it!


Some things are not outsourceable.

As manufacturing becomes more globalized, outsourcing your engineering work, your tooling, and even the manufacturing itself is progressively a simpler and simpler challenge to overcome. The modern aftermarket performance parts “manufacturer” is required to do nothing more than submit a list of demands to their cheap overseas producer, and have the engineering, design, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping taken care of for them. The days of hands-on facilities with employees who have true passion for their product have largely been replaced by the great connecting force that is the internet. Language barriers are overcome, manufacturing standards are universalized, and a product manufactured to ISO 9001 standards is as good as any other.

Yet there is one thing that no ISO 9001 standard can certify- that the part in question is designed and built with passion. One cannot engineer passion into an exhaust system. Accountants, CEOs, CFOs, and corporate leaders everywhere in the automotive aftermarket business despise passion. Passion is expensive. In the 21st century, making great parts just because you feel it’s right is an idea that’s rapidly going extinct in the face of cost cutting, outsourcing, and cheap labor.

If you are not familiar with Eisenmann, their facilities, or their business, please take a look at last year’s tour which provides a basic overview:…mann-facility/

If you are ready to see how a business that was started at a time when M models were still hand built by true craftsmen fights to maintain it’s ability to produce the most high quality old-world-crafted exhaust systems in the world, please read on.


IND Eisenmann tour

Eisenmann is located in the suburb of Hemmingen, a small German town just a half hour’s drive from the major manufacturing center of Stuttgart that houses the industry giant Porsche GmbH. Porsche’s many manufacturing and testing centers are scattered around Stuttgart, with their closest facility literally just down the block from Eisenmann’s own manufacturing complex! Driving through the beautiful countryside, one would never expect to find a factory responsible for exhaust systems featured on the Mercedes McLaren SLR, AMG and Porsche cars, and the cars of thousands of enthusiasts worldwide.

I’ll include a photo tour of Eisenmann’s facility, to show our readers exactly what Eisenmann is about-



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