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New photos of Eisenmann’s 1M exhaust system!

Eisenmann’s long-anticipated 1M exhaust system seemed like a proverbial golden ticket to us at IND when the first prototype finally arrived at our warehouse. We carefully cut the Eisenmann packing tape, opened the box, and looked at Eisenmann’s latest creation for the first time. Of course seeing the polished stainless steel of the canister and perfectly hand-formed exhaust tips is a great sight, but the real privilege for all of us at IND was determining just who should get this first golden ticket.

We are fortunate enough to be friends with proud 1M owner Larry, or biglare on the 1addicts forum. His easy going personality, honest feedback, and real enthusiasm for BMW cars made him a perfect choice to try Eisenmann’s new 1M exhaust, and so shortly after landing in our warehouse, the 1M prototype box made it’s way to San Diego, the exhaust system made it’s way out of the box and finally Eisenmann’s 83mm tips made their way under the 1M’s beautiful rear valence.

Of course, we could go on and on about the sound of the exhaust system, but words, especially in this case, will only go so far. We’ll let the photos and videos speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Eisenmann’s E89 Z4 35i exhaust video is now available!

Its time for our Z4 shine in the spotlight once again in the next chapter of our automotive passion. Here is our newest video showcasing the Z4 35i with Eisenmann Race exhaust system.
This Eisenmann exhaust is a true downpipe-back system that ends with a choice of 2x90mm or 4x76mm tips.  It features Eisenmann’s trademark tone for a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM. There are also two different sound options which are Race and Sport depending on your intensity level.
Now enjoy the show!

Eisenmann E82 1M Testing

As Eisenmann GmbH approaches the end of the research and development stage of any exhaust system, final tests are conducted to ensure perfect fitment and function of the new design.

 Eisenmann technicians dyno test the prototype exhaust system to ensure that the flow improvement predicted in their CAD modeling shows itself in the real world, and use acoustic testing and waveform analysis to check the sound output of the exhaust system.

Eisenmann’s testing and development equipment allows the engineers to simulate exhaust pulses through test mufflers before a real car is ever run on their dyno, but nothing is as accurate as real world testing. For this, Eisenmann’s microphones allow them to do acoustic sampling and advanced wave form analysis to not only detect but also tune out unwanted sound frequencies.

 Finally, Eisenmann uses a Zeiss FaroArm to rescan the finished exhaust system, in order to verify that the production system is millimeter to millimeter the same size as the exhaust system originally designed by Eisenmann’s engineering team. This allows Eisenmann to verify their fabrication jigs and create an exhaust that is a perfect fit, every time.

Please follow the below links for tours of Eisenmann’s manufacturing facilities and more information on Eisenmann’s development process, and enjoy the photos!


Eisenmann’s C63 AMG race exhaust is ready to be heard!

Eisenmann’s C63 AMG exhaust system was simultaneously a familiar sight yet a shock to all of us at IND- the mandrel bent piping, beautiful workmanship of the hand-laid welds, and the precision fit are all things we’ve come to expect from Eisenmann. We are also no strangers to Eisenmann engineer’s ability to harness the original car’s personality and create an amazing and unique sound, but starting our C63 for the first time after installing it’s Eisenmann exhaust system was truly an eye opener.
The C63’s already impressive tone was amplified further and the hand built engine’s beautiful exhaust note is enhanced to an absolute roar by the Eisenmann’s own hand built construction. Videos of the new C63 Eisenmann system can be found on our YouTube account and despite our best efforts to showcase what a truly fearsome sound the car now creates, hearing the exhaust in person really is best in this case.

Eisenmann’s C63 system is offered as a Race or Sport sound level with the Race system fully harnessing the car’s amazing sound and saving a few pounds of extra weight  by removing the center resonator. The Sport system featuring an additional center resonator for a more refined tone. The trademark 120x77mm quad exhaust tips are a classic Eisenmann staple and are again used on the C63 exhaust.